Hi! I'm Makani


She / Her / Hers

A little about me

Before Its all about you!

I was born and raised surrounded by the beauty of New Mexico. I bought my first camera when I was 14 and have pursued and invested in my passion of capturing the beauty all around me since.

I love focusing on the little details, the in-between glances, the genuine smiles, and all the bits and pieces that capture you and your unique and special story.

My goal is to capture the beauty from within the biggest moments down to the tiniest of things.

Based in Las Vegas, New Mexico

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Fun Facts About Me

  • My name means 'Wind' in Hawaiian!
  • I am a crazy cat lady (I love doggos and all other animals too though!)
  • I love snacks
  • I have the most talented friends! My best friend, Miranda, took the picture of me above!!

Things I'm Passionate About

  • Cats lol
  • Supporting my LGBTQ+ friends!
  • Supporting small local business and business , but especially ones owned by BIPOC and AAPI!
  • Advocating for the humane treatment and welfare of all the animals!
  • My art! Especially my painting and photography!